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qtpfsgui/Luminance Parameter:
pregamma 1 mantiuk contrast mapping 5 saturation factor 2 detail factor 1


  • Adam am 2012-Mar-05 07:27:44 schrieb Adam:

    i am a letter ciarrer.....i have NEVER used, or even heard of "standby time" EVER!not sure who made that crap up, but it does not happen in california. period. the problem is we have to many managers, bean counters, and other idiotic jobs at the post office. we letter ciarrers know what to do, how to do it, and don't need an extra fat bozo to tell us to do the same thing everyday. the ciarrers could run the p.o. by themselves. ask any mailman you see, and they'll tell you. trim the fat from the top. we have people making 100k plus a year who have never worked a day in thier lives sucking the life out of the usps. trim the 6th micro-manager, not the sixth day!


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