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  • Mana am 2012-Jun-12 23:56:34 schrieb Mana:

    Is a civil suit outside the US valid?Hi this is a iutosqen from my friend. She and her ex used to live together (in the good ol\' US) and she tried to help him to finish his studies by cosigning over 90k of student loans. Well sometime after he graduated, he broke up with her and now he\'s saying he\'s going to leave the country! (he\'s not American btw). If she files a civil suit against him, can this follow him to whatever country he is at? What if she doesn\'t know where he\'s going? Does someone has a list of countries that have a treaty for this with the US? as an extra, the student loan is a private one with a bank. Thank you!Kevin, what do you mean by that the US courts do not address suits against foreign citizens ? (He\'s just a resident here, he\'s not american by the way). So that means that if she files a suit against him here in the US, and she wins, if he\'s in another country(that is not his home country), she won\'t be able to get her money back? I did hear too that it is almost impossible getting the money back once he leaves. I just wonder if there\'s something she can do to stop this from happening.


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